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Anonymous asked: This may seem like a stupid question, but if you can only post on your new site if you register, and if registration is closed, how are you going to attract new talent to your site? Where are your new contributors going to come from? If you don't let new people in, how is your community going to grow? That's what you guys are all about, right? The community? A safe space on the Internet where anybody can post freely? Just seems counterproductive towards that goal, if you ask me.

Registration will be open soon(As soon as I either figure out how or the web designer does it). :)

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I’ve been meaning to go to the tumblr to give an update but how hard it’s sometimes to get my lazy butt over here and the fact that I’ve been focusing on the facebook page, I haven’t until now.

So why is the old site frozen?

Webs is claiming that we posted and linked to porn sites. Of course the reason is probably the fact that they knew we were moving and so made an excuse. Even though James paid to keep the old site up until we officially made the move to the new site.

What is the new site like?

It seems to be much better than Webs. If you were a member of the old site check your e-mail to get the new URL for the site. When I went to the new site I logged in, old username was saved for the new site, and reset my password.

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The secret is TGWTG does not stand alone.



With the rejection E-mails going/gone out, it’s a good time to remind people that there are other review and original content sites out there for you to find, Join (when possible), and get help and peers to improve.

TGWTG gets the most viewtraffic, and for someone struggling it can seem like the best option to be validated under, but many of these sites strive to be as good, showcase people that can be just as good and just don’t get noticed (affiliate, anyone?).

This is not a perfect compendium of them, but it’s something for people to look into.

Manic expression: Express yourself.  Currently undergoing site upgrades, Manic expression allows for blogging on topics as well as video compendiums, and is open to all users to see themselves showcased.  Also allows access to springboard for video syndication through them.

The agony booth: The Classic reviewer site, named after the Agony booth from the 60’s star trek show.  Originally text-based, they now produce their own stable of video reviews.  Unknown status on submitting to them.

Reviewtopia (RVT):  Another of the older crowd sites, host reviews and articles, with a community reviews section big on the front page that shows recent submissions.

Geekvision:  Something for every type of Geek, with a few articles.  The forums allow for free posting of video content in it’s own section.  Currently closed for submission.

RTGomerProductions: home of the raging Thespian and his merry band.  Supports video, podcasts, livestreams and written articles.  Free-posting of content in forums.  Currently closed for submissions, as I understand it.

Channel Zero: Supports livestreams, Podcasts and webcomics on top of a stash of reviewers.  Currently closed to submissions, but you can freely post your work on the forums.

Space monkey mafia studio’s: Currently under construction, another review site.  No current forums, but something to keep an eye on.

Normal Boots: Entertainment Rebooted.  Normal boots is a Collecion of Youtube gamers corroborating in a community to support one another.  They have a subreddit.

Rise of the critics/Independent Mayhem (the name is being changed): newbie site open to all types of constructive web original content and helping people improve.  Front page rotates showcasing of posters, currently working towards service upgrades.  Has a public hosting service for video’s open to those having trouble with Youtube and other host sites.

If there’s any been missed feel free to add them, as this submission is to let people know they’re not alone, there are other sites out there that would be happy to see you as part of them, and to keep your options open.

hell, all but one of the people to my knowledge that just made it on TGWTG Were on at least three of these sites already.

'Cause ultimately?  We're in this together, and get more noticed by helping each-other form a place where we CAN be noticed.

Definitely a severe lack of Nerdvice on this list.

Hey, we’re moving up in the world =D